Activity description

  1. 1. Each device and each wallet address can only be invited once, and the invitee needs to log in on the new device to receive the reward, violation of this rule may result in the expiration of the award;
  2. 2. During the activity, if the user is found to be involved in illegal cheating operation, Bec Wallet has the right to cancel the user's reward eligibility, and if necessary, to pursue his legal responsibility;
  3. 3. Activity rewards can be viewed in coffers;
  4. 4.The maximum number of people invited to the activity is 500. More than the number of invited people will no longer be rewarded with activities;
  5. 5. Other unspecified matters shall be subject to the official announcements of Bec Wallet. Bec Wallet will adjust the rewards based on the actual situation, and the ultimate power of interpretation is vested in Bec Wallet.

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